Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Block Letters

Hi!  I have a fast and fun project for you.

I don't know about you but I love wood crafts, especially block letters!  They are so fun and versatile.  It always feels good to take all the Christmas stuff down, but what do you do for the interim between Christmas and Valentine's Day?   Here's my solution.

Winter block letters.
 These are pretty self explanatory, but I'll give you some info. on how I did these.

First, decide your color scheme.  I chose to do both paint and paper in brown and blue, and of course finished off with some fabulous ribbon.

To save time, trace your letters on your paper first.  Next paint your letters.  While the letters are drying cut out the paper letters you traced.

Whip out the mod podge or what ever glue you prefer and attach your paper letters to you block letters.

Once the glue is dry, you can sand the edges of the paper where it bumps up to the edge of the wood block.  This gives it a real finished touch.  Next, pull out the gorgeous ribbon of your choice and measure and glue to your letters.
To give them some extra flair, I also made some ribbon flowers.  The flowers are very simple to make and are really cute.  You'll take your needle and thread and make straight line stitch.  Once it's the length you want stitch it closed.  I chose to double layer these with both the PV34, light blue velvet, and NY04, two tone stripes.
 I also used ribbon 357-34-32 Ant. gold velvet corduroy.  Gluing the ribbon around the outside gives the letters some added dimension.
I love how they turned out.  I hope this inspires you to do something fun with some block letters or another wood craft.

Thanks for joining me today!! C-ya again soon.
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