Friday, November 12, 2010

File Folder Make-over

Hello all I don’t know about you, but I know I have a few hot spots (problem areas) in my house that I’m in the process of trying to find a simple and useful solution to fix the problem. One of my hot spots is in the kitchen where I always seem to have piles of mail, notes from school, invitations, etc.

I started thinking about how I could solve this hot spot that drives me completely bonkers to say the least. I do have a file box by the computer in the family-room. However, it’s used more for bills, taxes and business stuff. Besides it’s just your ordinary box with file folders, boring. I wanted something quick, simple, and decorative. Something my kids would also like to use and get in the habit of putting papers somewhere besides piles
 This is how I came up with my file folder make-over. Here is the list of supplies I used and the companies that deserve the credit for their talent in making wonderful products.

 May Arts Ribbon- 365 series 2” color 10 (black/ivory stripes)
            379 series 1.5” color 10 (black satin pleats)
            RG- 33 1.5” (brown/ivory stripes)
            360 series 3/8” color 32 (antique gold, scalloped trim)
            363 series color 33 (brown twisted burlap)

Glue Arts ( - Glue glider pro, I love this nifty tape runner
            Ribbon adhesive, also an awesome product
            Extreme adhesive squares, fabulous.

Jenni Bowlin ( - Embellished butterflies
            Sew on buttons

Bazzill Basics ( - Paper flowers

Martha Stewart Crafts (  Self adhesive labels

American Crafts ( - Mementos metal embellishments

Scrapbook paper
Hot glue
Lighter (to seal ribbon ends)
File folders

Step one:   Use your glue glider pro and apply to all edges on the front of the file folder.

Step two: Place you paper aligning the bottom edge of the paper with the folder and press down.  There is no need to cut the paper before.

Step three: You will cut the excess paper off following the edge of the folder. Easy peasy!
Step four: My paper was double sided so I then cut a piece of the excess paper and again used my glue glider pro to attach it to the inside of the folder.  Cut off the excess following folder edge.

Now for the fun part, adding your ribbon and embellishments.

 Cut the ribbon with enough excess to fold and glue around edges. Always seal the ends of your ribbon.

 Measure and cut Glue Arts ribbon adhesive. Place the adhesive on your ribbon. Hold the ribbon and run your finger down the ribbon adhesive strip pressing firmly.

 Simply pull protective plastic off and attach to your folder.
 On the smaller more delicate ribbons like the 360 series scalloped trim, use your Glue Arts extreme adhesive squares.   These are so awesome.

Doesn’t it look great?  Here are more pictures of the other file folders I completed.  I have a folder for each individual: Mom, Dad, Dakotah, Makayla, Makinley, and other optional folders like coupons and mail.  When I bring in the mail I sort it between mine, my husbands and the left over in the mail folder if I don’t have time to sit and open it all.  Things I put in the kids folders are homework project papers and other important papers to keep track of them, etc.
It’s not just functional, it adds pizzazz to the kitchen and keeps the piles off the counters

What are the hot spots in your house? I hope this inspires your mind to help you think of creative solutions of your own that are not just functional but have beauty and class.

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  1. This is a GREAT idea- and since my daughter started kindergarten I had YET to find a way to stay organized- thank you for HOPE!!!! :D

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