Saturday, June 9, 2012

Braided Ribbon Belt

Hello all, I have a fantastic and simple project for you today.  May Arts Ribbon Blog is having another design team call.  They have requested 3 projects using ribbon with one of the projects also having a tutorial.  This is my first project including a tutorial.
Supplies needed:
3/8" Ribbon
I used May Arts ME17 3/8"
(reversible striped)  Love it!!
Hot glue
First decide the length you want to make the braided part of  your belt.  My belt braid is 26".  Second measure and cut your ribbon.  Take the measurement you need for the braid (26") and multiply that number by 4.5.  This equals 117 inches. To make the braid you will need two pieces of ribbon this same length. You can find a video on how to make this braid here.
 Before you finish off the end of the braid, thread the braid through the belt loops in the pants just to make sure where you want to stop the braid and then cut the ribbon and hot glue the ends.
Third measure and cut single strands of ribbon to desired length and hot glue them to the ends of your belt so you can tie it.  You could also hot glue them around some kind of a belt buckle as well.
Last, decide which if any embellishments you want and hot glue them to the belt.  I used buttons and cut the loop off the back in order to hot glue them flat on the belt.
And there you have it!  A beautiful braided ribbon belt sure to please its owner!

Project #2  

Absolutely darling daisy and dragon fly T-shirt!!

Project #3

Mother's Book

See ya soon!!