Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!!

Hi everyone!  I did a blog swap week with May Arts and Bella BLVD.  Check it out.  I had so much fun creating this beautiful spring door hanger.

Here's the details on how to make one for yourself.  I found a 12X12 wood piece that I painted a beautiful turquoise to go with the luscious plaid Bella BLVD paper.

I then used mod-podge to glue the paper to the wood.

For the flower pot, I used a piece of scrapbook paper and drew the design I wanted the flower pot to look like.  I then used a glue runner on the paper and cut some EM32 ribbon to lay over the top.  I have loved using this line of ribbon for many different things and it made my basket look awesome! 

I also glued this to some old cereal box card board and then cut it out following the design I had drawn on the scrapbook paper.
Glue this to your wood and mod-podge over the pot and top of the paper.

 For the exquisite flowers all you need to do is take a needle and thread, weave it through the bottom of the ribbon and pull the thread to make  it bunch.  For the big flowers I used 30-36" of ribbon.  I absolutely loved the ruffle faux suede ribbon for this.  The flowers look gorgeous and the ribbon was perfect to work with.
NV27 1.5", and 5/8", NV17 1.5", and 5/8"
 Believe it or not, for the flower centers I used a ruffled hair scrunchy that I cut apart.  For the stems and leaves I used ribbon 333-16.  I cut it the proper length and then used a lighter to melt the edges a bit to give them a more natural look. 

I added a few more ribbons and embellishments and voila we have a beautiful spring door hanger bright and cheerful.  You will love using this ribbon to make some beautiful spring flowers of your own.

The other ribbons and supplies I used were HN27, QW11, BY16, SP33
Hot glue gun, scissors, and acrylic paint.

Thanks for joining me today!
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