Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY Table Centerpiece

Hi Friends!  It's me, Andrea. 

 Oh, boy do I have a fun, simple, and budget friendly project to share with you today.  How many of you go to Holiday or Christmas parties?  Most of us, right!  First things first.....

Supplies needed are:  May Arts Ribbon of course- NY42 in both 1.5" and 5/8", and AG09 3/8"
small boxes various sizes
chipboard type planter box/bag
paper of your choice
paint, brushes, modpodge
ruler, paper-cuter, scissors
Holiday picks

Now let's get started, shall we?!

Measure 1. The sides of the bottom of the box

2. The sides to the lid of the box
3. The top of the box
Write your measurements down so you won't forget!
Paint all the edges of the boxes and the lids.  No need to be picky most of it will end up covered anyway. Wink!
Paint your chipboard boxes too.
Now while the paint is drying take your measurements and cut the paper of your choice to size.  By the time you're done cutting your paper strips the paint on your boxes should be dry.
Roll up those sleeves and put on your apron, we're breaking out the modpodge.  I used glitter modpodge because I like sparkly things. 

Simply paint on the modpodge, press on your strips of paper and press with stick, ruler, fingers etc.  Don't push so hard all the glue comes out from underneath.  Once your done with all the strips of paper repaint modpodge over the paper and box just to make sure everything is sealed nicely and to give it the added sparkle luster.
After the paint dried on this chipboard type box I also put gold glitter modpodge over it as well.  I wish I would have taken a picture without the ribbon, because I wasn't sure I was going to use this in the end until I put the ribbon on it.  Oh, my goodness how this luxurious ribbon gave it the final touch in making it adorable.
To make the arrangement, get some holiday picks and put some Styrofoam in the bottom and just randomly shove the picks in where you want.  Again don't get to picky. 
 Now for the bow!  I like to use this nifty little bow make to hold my ribbon.  Once you've got your loops use some floral wire or thread to hold it together.This will go on top of your present boxes.  I also wrapped ribbon down the sides and taped it to the bottom.  I did not glue my boxes together and didn't permanently glue the box on top, so that when it's time to store it I can put the ribbon in the smallest box and then all of the boxes inside each other for easy storage.
You could use just the boxes as a centerpiece or if you have a larger table you can add the chipboard boxes and some candles.  Here I have a large candle plate that I covered with some gold tree trim to set my boxes on.  Tied some ribbon around my candles and found a pair of candleholders in my house to put them on. 

 Wrap the gold tree trim around the candle plate. 

 Add some snowflakes and voila! 
 What holiday centerpieces are you doing?  I hope this inspires you in one way or another.

Happy Holidays!!!
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