Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tara's Gift

For those of you who don't know, I had my gall bladder removed September 22nd.  I had two gall bladder attacks in one week, went to the ER and then 4 days later surgery.  My best friend Tara watched Makinley, while the other two kids were at school during my surgery.  My dad was oh so kind and surprised me by coming up to the hospital.  It was so comforting to have him there as well.  Later that day after Randy and my dad brought me home from the hospital, my dad went to pick up Makinley and was going to take the kids to Artic Circle.  Of course my dear friend had home-made chicken noodle soup, with home-made noodles, and some freshly made rolls for him to bring to me.  It was heaven to have that soup for the next five days, during the toughest part of the recovery.

 I wanted some how to thank my dear friend for her gracious kindness.  She's re-doing her bedroom in red and black so I decided to make this gift set for her to hang on her wall.

It really was very simple.  Some art canvas, material, mod podge, silver plates, ribbon, brads and hot glue.

Apply the mod podge to the art canvas and place your material on.  Fold around corners and glue with mod podge.  I also put black card stock on the back of the silver sayings so the words would stand out.  Glue your metal plate, ribbons, and flowers on and voila a beautiful gift!!

Thank you so much Tara for being the kind of friend you are!!


  1. OH MY!! Glad you're feeling better! Yikes!
    I'm sure she'll love this- so thoughtful of you!

  2. Hi Andrea, hope this message finds you well! Thank you for the sweet comment on our blog. To hang the banner, I just made loops at the ends of the white linen ribbon that it is hanging on. Stuck tiny nails in the door and that was it. Please let me know if you would like to see a photo of the loops, I can make it happen. xoxoxo